Dear clients, welcome to my website

Here you can find more information about my range of services as a psychologist and coach. 

I work with clients in a face-to-face setting in private practice in Föhr (North Frisian island in Germany) or anywhere in the world via online video meetings. You can find out more about my professional qualifications on the about me page.

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    Psychologist Services

    Psychological Counseling

    Psychological counseling is a meeting between a client and a psychologist to solve a specific problem or to achieve a certain goal.

    Common problems include chronic stress, conflicts in the workplace, and profound life changes such as divorce. Psychological counseling can also help when it comes to making an important life decision in a reflective way. In contrast to psychotherapy, counseling does not treat mental disorders.

    Psychological counseling can be provided through a face-to-face meeting, secure video conference, phone call, or email correspondence. 

    Couples Therapy

    Couples therapy and marriage counseling are offered for people with relationship problems. They are indicated, for example, if the couple repeatedly gets into serious arguments and has not yet found good solutions.

    Couples Therapy

    The main goal is to give the couple the opportunity to process their conflicts and achieve a higher level of relationship satisfaction. Ideally, the couple can grow with the challenges and develop a deeper emotional relationship with more flexibility, openness, and closeness.

    As a rule, joint meetings take place, which is occasionally accompanied by one-on-one sessions.

    Crisis Intervention

    A crisis is a painful emotional state that a person can fall into when faced with events or circumstances that they cannot currently cope with psychologically.

    A crisis can have various causes, such as: 

    • Unforeseen death of a loved one
    • Natural disasters, accidents and near misses
    • House fire, burglary, robbery
    • Diagnosis of serious illness
    • Violence, stalking, rape, attempted murder or threats
    • Partner infidelity, separation, divorce
    • Conflicts, bullying, bossing, dismissal

    Psychosocial crises are often accompanied by despair and helplessness, fear, loss of control or powerlessness.

    Crisis intervention is an intensive short-term treatment (usually 3-5 sessions) carried out by a psychologist to reduce acute psychological stress.

    Common indications

    Burnout and Stress
    In our modern society with increasingly complex challenges, stress-related symptoms and disorders are increasing dramatically. These can manifest themselves, for example, in sleep disorders, exhaustion, headaches and emotional complaints. A psychologist can help identify the causes of stress and reduce the experience of stress.
    Covid-19 Crisis
    The corona crisis leaves its mark on the psyche of many people. The psychological effects of the crisis show up individually in different ways. These include irritability, difficulty sleeping, anxiety or brooding, or the feeling that everything has come to a standstill. A psychologist can help you regain your emotional balance.

    How does online counselling work?

    Psychological online counselling process

    You may be wondering how online counselling actually works.

    You can easily book your online session by clicking the orange button below. After your purchase, I will email you a link to my online calendar.

    There you can then choose a time that suits you best. I will then email you a zoom link and password and meet you online at the specified time.

    It is possible to book several appointments in advance. For an online session you need a stable internet connection and an internet-enabled device with audio, microphone and video (most PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones have these)

    If you have any questions about this process, you can contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

    What online psychological counseling is suitable for

    Online sessions are suitable for almost all of the above psychological services. Both psychological counselling and coaching can be carried out online via video.

    Excluded from this are my private practice psychotherapeutic services, these take place on site in Wyk auf Föhr (Germany). If you are interested in this, please contact me and I can give you more details.