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Psychological Consultation

Online Psychological Consultations

How it works


Schedule your online consultation conveniently without long waiting times in our interactive calendar.


Pay for the session using your credit card through the Stripe integration in the calendar. For other options see FAQ.


The meeting takes place location-independently in a secure 1-1 video chat using Zoom (worldwide) or by phone (Germany). 

What is psychological consultation?

Psychological consultation is for people, who experience a life crisis or want to solve certain problems. These problems may include, but are not limited to:

  • crisis situations
  • turning points in your life
  • conflicts at work
  • problems in relationships with other people
  • difficult decisions
  • losses or separations
  • death of a loved one
  • stress and burnout
  • coping with difficult situations (separation and divorce, mobbing, unemployment, family care, illness, puberty of children…)

It is also for people, who want to develop more positivity, mindfulness, resilience and well-being in their life. Especially:

  • get clarity on what you want to experience in life
  • find your way or purpose in life
  • set your goals wisely and pursue them
  • build your self-confidence and self-love
  • let go of limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • learn to regulate your emotions
  • break unhealthy habits and build better ones
  • develop mindfulness
  • build meaningful and fulfilling social relationships
  • and many more….

I work solution-oriented and evidence-based, following the principles of positive psychology and the latest findings from brain research. You are the expert for your life and I will help you to find the way that suits you best.

You decide what kind of help you want: Some people need a short-term help for solving a specific problem, while others want a long-term psychological assistance.

Psychological consultation is for individuals, couples and families.

Consultation is not psychotherapy

Psychological consultation is not psychotherapy. If you have a mental disorder or a physical condition, consult a doctor or a licensed psychotherapist in your area.

While some of my techniques originally stem from psychotherapeutic approaches, I do not offer online psychotherapy because online psychotherapy is prohibited by law in Germany.

Marina Winkler

Marina Winkler

Psychologist (M.Sc.) with German permission to practice Psychotherapeutic Healing (according to HpG). Further training in crisis intervention, positive psychology, various coaching and psychotherapeutic techniques. Member of the VfP Association. Final year PhD candidate of Neuroscience and Psychology.

psychological consultation marina winkler vfp


It is very easy to make appointments and set up your video meeting. Just follow the steps below.

Before booking the first video session:

  • For increased security, I recommend setting up a free Protonmail email account before making an appointment, which is easy, requires no personal information, and only takes 2 minutes.
  • It allows us to exchange sensitive information, such as the counseling contract and the video session access data, highly encrypted by email.

How to schedule the session:

  • Book your session here at the desired time and date. Only the free times are displayed in the calendar.
  • If you are a client for the first time, please choose the free 20-minute session. The purpose of this session is to get to know each other better and see how I can help you.
  • When booking your session in the calendar, you will be asked to pay in advance via Stripe using your credit card.
  • You will then receive the access link for your video chat and further information by email.
  • Please download and familiarize yourself with the free and easy to use video meeting software Zoom before your first session. This software is available for both computers and mobile devices.
  • Once your session starts, just click on the link in your email and start the session with your one-time password.

If you have any questions about this or any technical problems, just contact me.

Video Chat

You need a laptop or mobile device with a strong enough non-public Internet connection, a built-in microphone (or headset), and a camera.


If you want to conduct your consultation by telephone (Germany), you only need your phone and my number, which will be sent to you after you book the appointment.


Furthermore, you need a quiet room in which you are alone and undisturbed for the time of the meeting (no spouse, children, office colleagues or construction site noise), as this would disturb your session.

A pen and paper if you need to write something down.

Security of online video consultations

I take the security of your information very seriously, so I use different technical means to provide you with a safe online consultation experience.

Please note, however, that third parties can potentially intercept any information you enter or transmit anywhere on the internet. By booking my online consultation, I assume that you are aware of this risk.

Zoom Video Meeting

I use a special 1-1 video meeting software (Zoom) for the consultations, which offers more security options than a typical video chat software:

  • Private video conferencing
  • End-to-end encryption
  • AES 256 encrypted
  • a cryptic URL is individually created for each session
  • unique, cryptic password to log in to your video session
  • locked 1-1 video meeting, so that no one else can enter
  • information is deleted from the servers at the end of the meeting

Read more about Zoom’s security features here: Zoom security.


For additional security, I recommend that you also set up a free email account with Protonmail before planning your first session.

It takes two minutes and doesn’t require any personal information, but adds an extra layer of security by encrypting all emails between us so that no third party (not even your email provider) can read them.

This is important as you will receive the details for your secure video meeting in advance via email.

As an M.Sc. Psychologist, I abide by § 203 German Strafgesetzbuch (StGB) to confidentiality: I treat all the information you entrust to me as strictly confidential.

The first meeting (20 minutes) is free. A 60-minute consultation session costs 80 euros (payable in advance).

Payment options:

  • By credit card when booking through the calendar
  • By Paypal, then please contact me before the appointment booking, so I can send you my Paypal email address
  • By bank transfer, please also contact before booking

Please note that health insurance companies usually do not reimburse the costs for psychological consultation. However, there might be exceptions, please check this in advance with your health insurance.